Manager screenings services

The relevance of the manager screenings

It sounds trite that participation in health screenings on a regular basis is a very considerable part of a self-care lifestyle, the prevention of significant diseases with realizing them in time. However, there is no need to be overreaching, taking care of ourselves and using regular medical screenings for prevention is not equal with hypochondria, and with the time being, starting from our 40s and 50s, we become more and more responsible for ourselves even in a period when having no symptoms. And another remark: manager screenings are not only for managers.

Worldwide, but in Hungary as well, a larger number of enterprises realize that the health status of their employees in leader positions has significant effect on the business results and the key of competitiveness is the health and the motivation of the employees. Consequently, the organisations – not only in the business sphere, but in the public sector as well – take more emphasize on labour healthcare, especially in the leadership.

The most common diseases detected on the manager screenings are obesity, myopia (short sightedness), dental caries, hypertension and high cholesterol level but stomach ulcer, chest pain, digestive problems, sleeping disturbances and performance issues are also often diagnosed.

Once you register for a manager screening package, you will realize that these series of the certain types of examinations go very smoothly, thanks to the great organization. There is no need to wander in a medical center as having a proper and professional guide always provides you the information where and when to go. Our intension is to ensure the maximum of our patient’s convenience during the series and make sure for them to spend as less time in the health institution as possible. Of course, the maximum of discretion is ensured and upon request, the professionals can also help the patient with setting up a preventive health care program for the future.

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